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Courageous Caregiver 10by100in4 Initiative


Courageous Caregiver: 10-BY-100-IN-4 Initiative


Allow me to ask you a question.


If you knew your neighbor or your best friend was in need would you do your best to help them? How far would you go to make sure their needs were met?

What if there was a storm warning that you received, but you knew your neighbor or friends didn’t hear that same alarm? Would you warn them? What if it was a tsunami? What would your reaction be at that point?

I’m sure that many of you would knock on doors, call, yell, and scream at the top of your lungs to warn your friends that there was a serious danger heading their way. That’s just the type of person you are. I know this because you wouldn’t be looking at this site if it were not so.


Allow me to introduce to you a new term. That term is, “The Silver Tsunami”. In America, over the next 20 years, it is expected to have an estimated 10,000 people a day filing for retirement. Some will be doing it well planned, but most will not. Some will be entering into retirement age with limited saving to manage their care and many will enter it with poor health. In particular, I am placing focused attention on that group of people who will enter this stage facing cognitive issues in the form of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Much of the burden will fall upon the family members to step up and provide managed care.


I personally walked through the throws of having to care for a loved one who had Lew’s Body Dementia, my sister Annette. This disease took here mind, body and spirit on an arduous journey. And she did not travel alone. The rest of the family went along for the ride and it turned out to be a very bumpy ride.


As I managed her care I had to work really hard at picking up the badly needed skills to learn how to communicate to her deteriorated cognitive state. I had to learn the legal system, as well as the health system while trying to manage her finances. Frankly, it took a lot out of me, but I used that energy in a very constructive manner. I took the time to write a book that detailed the entire care journey. It’s called Courageous Caregiver. I designed this book to function as a tool to aid others who are traveling down the path I was on and with hopes, to limit the impact that caring can take on a family.


So, what is this 10-BY-100-IN-4?


This is an initiative that I have embarked upon in order to sound the alarm and aid communities to get ready for the Silver Tsunami. What 10-BY-100-IN-4 stand for is 10 Books in 100 Houses of Worship within the next 4 months.


You see, all throughout the world, it has been a known fact that when there is a disaster, people turn to their House of Worship. When I was faced with the responsibility of being a caregiver I did the same. My place of worship offered prayer and understanding. However, they lacked in organization and resources. With this initiative, my passion is to make sure that every House of Worship is equipped and stock with the right tools and resources, so that they cannot only offer a word of pray but can hand a caregiver this book and to sincerely let them know that they are in the fight right along side them.


How does this work?


Well, frankly, it can’t work without you. What I am asking for each of you to do is to share this blog with your clergy or spiritual leader and ask them to participate in the support process by purchasing 10 books. It can b e obtained from Amazon.com. Simply search for “Courageous Caregiver”. Purchase the paperback version. Once they get the confirmation for the order, they can send that number to me at Curtis@CourageousCaregiver.org. It’s just that simple. My goal is to reach 100 Houses of Worship between, September 2016 to December 2016. 10 books are affordable and this book is effective. I have had so many positive responses about this book and I am committed to sharing my experience with the world.


My faith is Christian, but this is not just limited to Christian House of Worship. This disease does not discriminate and nor do I. I need this to be distributed to every church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or any place of worship that I failed to mention. The House of Worship is a beacon of hope to many and it is my passion to make sure that when people come, seeking they can find help along with the hope.


Another way you can help me is by going to Amazon.com and as an individual, you can order 2 books that you can keep on hand. Unfortunately, with the rapidly growing rate of Alzheimer and Dementia, I am certain you will com across another individual who may be facing this disease and having to make major care decision.


Overall, I just want to help and make a difference. Will you help me? Can you take the time to spread the word? Please LIKE and SHARE this blog with your friends. Let’s make a difference and change the face of what compassion really looks like.




Curtis Walker, Author

Courageous Caregiver