About the book

Courageous Caregiver
Courageous Caregiver

Do people really know? Do they care? We wonder if people ever understand our pain and where we are coming from. Then there comes a book such as this. You open it and see rafts of life floating on the sea of chaos on this thing we call life. In this book, you get to hear from someone who has been there and done that. You see pain and frustration, but above all, you receive hope.


This book is a partly a testament and tribute to my dear sweet sister, Annette Walker, but it also honors the team of people engaged in giving her care through her batter with Dementia and it digs deep into the sacrifices that were made to provide quality of life care. This book speaks to the mind, body and spirit. It talks about the stress and pain a caregiver is under. If you are a caregiver, you will be able to identify with much of what is in the book. If you know someone who is a caregiver, please read this on their behalf to equip yourself to come along side your friend who is deeply engaged in support. Another thing you could do is acquire a copy of this book and share with them this gift of love and support.


In my quest to get help, I discovered a wealth of resources. I cover much of these resources in this book. It will be beneficial to add your name to my newsletter. I’m in constant research so as I discover more resources I will make sure to share them with you. This book and level of care that I had to provide challenged me to grow as well as connect with others. I got to see that I am not in this alone.


As you read, you will see my growth process as a caregiver. I got to grow as a person, and I learned how to use the tools and techniques that enabled me to care with love and hope and to care at a level that blessed me as I care greatly for my dear sweet sister.


Enjoy the book. Enjoy the journey.