Connecting Communication

Connecting Communication

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” – Peter Drucker


There is someone in your life that you have broken connection. Could be the loved one you are caring for, or your spouse, children, parent or close friend. Think back to when you enjoyed relating to that person. What were you points of connection? At what level did you connect – emotional, physical, intellectually or spiritual?


No matter what the level, for any form of communication to thrive, it has to be nurtured. That means not just the message but also the sentiment has to be cultivated to sustain a thriving relationship. A support relationship is when it is 2-way. Where there is more listening than expressing. However, life does not always afford such luxuries.


So, what do you do when it is only one way? No matter if you are the sender or the receiver of communication, do it with grace. Speak with respect and hope that your words land softly on a tender heart. If you are the receiver, take what’s said with grace and humility. Listen and key in on the heart of what’s expressed.


Hope this helps and encourages. If you have more thoughts on this matter, I would love to hear your comments. Please share if this has blessed and inspired you.


Questions to think about:

What is your best style of connecting – emotionally, physically, intellectually or spiritually?

What do you usually talk about?

Do you talk at or speak with your loved one?

What do signs indicate that you’re relating to your loved one?

Is the communication mutual? Is there a back and forth of understanding?

Do you seek to understand before you are understood?

In what way do you nurture the relationship and things you talk about?

Does the other person know that that you cherish what they say?

What steps can you take today to enhance the way you communicate?

Ask these questions and take action today.