Give, Care, Share, Shape!

Give, Care, Share, Shape!

“One Person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” – Jim Rohn


For most of us, we’re holding the hands of the one that once held you. Cherish that moment and see it for what it is. Honor! It takes a mature spirit to see the value of honoring another’s life and the value they brought to this world. Every life has a story that goes into the building block of the world we live. The way that we choose to step up and care for those that are unable to care for themselves speaks volumes and shapes the legacy of how history will view our generation.

The theme is to think of one’s self and think cynically about humanity and look out for number 1. But real awareness will tell you that this is only one view or weaker way of looking at life. A stronger person will see and believe each day, and in every way, they can make a real difference in life and the world around them. Simply by choosing to care. Along with being bold and brave enough to invest in that brighter future by giving, giving of one’s self in the way of time, talent and skills. If you have answered the call and took the time to look into the eyes of your fellow man and communicate that they matter and that you care, then you have taken the first step to moving us all to a better world. THANKS!


Questions to think about:

How does it make you feel when you engage in care for someone?

Do you understand the value you bring to another person life?

Do you love and respect the person under your care? If not, why not?

Are you patient with the person under your care?

What motivates you to care like you do every day?

Do you know how much time you put in daily on the care you actively provide?

Do you feel like you are in the right place (mentally, physically, emotional, etc.) with the person you are caring for?

Ask these questions and take action today.