Episode 9 – Finding your HOW

Episode 9 – Finding your HOW


Episode 9 – Finding your HOW

“When your WHY is big enough, you will find your HOW.”

I have heard that phrase quite a few times in the business realm but for the setting of being a caregiver, I have found this takes a deeper meaning. There were days when I felt over my head and clearly out of my depth. The circumstance where heavy and they came swiftly, one right after the other. Emotions so great to where I wanted to stop, give up and walk away.
When I was at my whits end was when I came across this passage while seeking solace. I spent a lot of time rehearsing my victim speed. I said, “God, WHY me?” And all I heard was silence. Knowing all to well when we go to God with a weak and debilitting question, He chooses not to answer. My spirit challenged me to ask a deeper and empowering question that could open up heaven and move the heart of God. I was challenged to ask, “What can I do differently to not let this caregiving destroy me?” You see, when we start asking the real question behind the question, the one we normally ask when we are in pain, then we are moved to the questions that help us discover our WHY.
For me, my why, when it came to caregiving, was to honor my loved one and to promote dignity and remembrance for when they could not do it for themselves. Once I discovered my passion the HOW began to reveal itself.

My challenge to you is to dig in and ask some deep probing and empowering questions that will help you discover your own why?

Such as, How can I show more appreciation for what God has given me?

In your homework, post your questions that you used to help you discover your own why.

In the mean time remember to LIVE life abundantly, LOVE to your deepest level and LEAVE a legacy that will move the world.



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